Every year when my Birthday rolls around I plan the whole thing. I usually pay for it too. Why? Because I know what I want and I take care of my needs. Anything else that happens is just a bonus.

I decided a long time ago, after I was hurt and disappointed by a friend on my special day,  I will never wait for someone else to make me feel special. Life is supposed to be fun and only I know what that feels like. This year I spent a lovely weekend at the Oregon coast with my honey, visited wine country with my gal pal, dinner with dear friends and karaoke with my Sister.

I knew going into my 36th year, I wanted to feel DYNAMIC. I wanted to feel LIGHT, EASY and SPARKLY. Things had been very challenging over the past few years and I knew it was because I had lost the connection to my spirit, my essence……..the ME!! All of the stuff that happened was hard, icky and very heavy. With that heaviness came physical weight. 30 pounds of protective barrier from the hurt the world had thrown at me.

Now as I commit to feeling light, I am no longer able to pay attention to what is heavy. I look to what is light. When things come up that seem dark and sticky I find compassion and self-love, I release and re-calibrate. I am learning to CELEBRATE myself no matter what. As I do this I know I will begin to lose the physical weight and the hunger will become more about moving towards what I desire instead of smothering  it with shame, fear and food. Cheers to  light, easy, sparkly and dynamic feelings.






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