discoverME (virtual or 1:1) is a 6 week journey to YOU. This course is the roadmap to self LOVE and inner wisdom. It’s time to  step into your power and THRIVE.

You will learn how to connect to your intuition and create sacred space. No more letting people zap your energy! Begin developing healthy boundaries and discover your unique value system. Show up authentically in all areas of your life and be fully expressed everyday. You will be given new tools and daily practices that will provide the security you long for. Ready to design a life you LOVE?

Week 1- Define Your World

Who are you? We will take a closer look at what a sucessful and fulfilling life looks like to you. Investigating your current viewpoint to define key life areas. Uncover everything that exists and start to design and restucture the way you show up every day. Guided meditation will take the guess work out of being grounded. It’s time to connect and align to your true dazzling self.

Week 2- Are You Fulfilled?

You take a selfie to show the virtual world how fabulous you look, right? Now its time to take a life selfie. You will take a honest look at how fulfilled you really are right now…..#NOFILTER  Create your sacred space and have fun decorating your space for FREE! (You will find out what I mean)

Week 3- You Are A Vision

Understand the importance of visualization.  Learn how to work with journaling and visualization to help you light up your path and find purpose. Create the space for inspired action and learn how to launch rockets of desire (Law of Attraction) Guided meditation to support you.

Week 4- Resource

How to find support and inspiration for your vision. Guided meditation for tapping into the universal flow of love.

Week 5- Finding Value

Working beyond goals, targets, and dangling carrots (ya know, that motivation you never seem to catch)  You have the ability to navigate life in a more profound and meaningful way. Understand the importance of boundries and how you show up energetically to others. Feel less overwhelmed by your environments and relationships.

Week 6-Primary Focus

Taking all that you have learned in the 6 weeks you will define the primary focus you want to work with after the course is over.


Virtual Program

 enroll here and Invest in YOU


Want to work with me 1:1? You can get the support you need to create a life you are obsessed with.


Discovering Purpose, Passion and Soul

I dont know about you, but I like things SPICY! Waking up every morning knowing abundance is not an option, it’s my reality. Showing up in life knowing everything’s a gift from my SOUL, a luscious reward for just being me .

I cherish the idea of knowing life is unfolding just the way it’s supposed to and I can settle in with an exquisite glass of HELL to the YES! Don’t forget your side salad of crisp and delcious…….aaaaaah YEAH!

How fantastic will it be to not set ANY New Years resolutions? You’re too brilliant for that mess. discoverME is the opportunity to profess a deep LOVE to yourSELF. It’s having the courage to step into the SPOTLIGHT and be CENTER STAGE in your life.

Baby, you were born for this………….it’s time to SHINE and show up fully expressed. Living a life with PURPOSE, PASSION and of course singing your lusty life song with SOUL.

What IS it?

  • DiscoverME Module (Snapshot of Your LIFE- a life selfie if you will)
  • 1:1 Intuitive Strategy Sessions each week(Phone/Skype/In Person)
  • 3 Energy alignments sessions to release and align you to your innate DAZZLING self
  • 3 email exchanges, just in case you want to tell me how much fun you’re having or need a virtual high five.

This is an exclusive program, for those who are called to do some amazing transforamtional work. Limited spots are available for this 1:1 dynamic container of expansion.

Ready to eat, sleep, breathe AWESOME!?  let’s go!



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