A intuitive strategist for the Powerfully Perceptive and Exceptionally Intuitive. 

Being sensitve has a bad wrap and you are way more than that.

I know what it’s like to say yes to everyone but you.

I know what it means to feel every inch of an emotion. 

I understand the moments when even the silence in a room feels heavy.

  • How would it feel to unapolagetically be YOU?
  • What would it feel like to say NO to others and the world didn’t end?
  • How would it feel to have people show up for you?
  • What if you were surrounded by people who inspire you instead of suck from you.
  • What if you had the tools to be in full expression of your experience?
  • How would it feel to clarify your deepest desires and let them take shape right in front of your eyes?

I’ve mastered making people laugh, being a good friend, being pleasant, making everything ok, being easy, helping out, staying late, watching over, holding up, finding a way, making it work…………….if it means keeping things peaceful……. I’ve tried it.

You only need the tools to understand the energy you are feeling so you stop trying to make other people’s energy safe for you to be around.


3 replies on “Intuitive Strategist

  1. Hi Marcy, Nancy Benson here, I was wondering if I could have my daughter whitney come see you in July for a donation based session per your email that you sent out. if that works let me know and I’ll have whitney contact you directly to make an appointment. Thx –

  2. I am so enjoying you on periscope! I adore and love you and your message. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring message. Each scope motivates and lightens my day. I hold such gratitude for you and your scopes. I am way excited and delighted to be a part of your site! Again, thank you Marci so much.

    1. I am so happy! I absolutely LOVE our industry and want to support in anyway I can. I am glad periscope has given me a platform to share my message. Thank you so much for reaching out 🙂

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