I have to say, I feel pretty F-ing amazing now that I freed my day from unnecessary emails, FB trolling, and Instagram obsessing.

Every December I un-subscribe from all of the emails I don’t look at regularly and stop hitting up FB and any other social media obsessively.

Why? Well, in 2007 I decided I wanted my life to look different and the first step was choosing to stay in on NYE to clear my head. I took a really honest look at what I truly desired for myself and my future. I thought about all of the years I went out for NYE and woke up feeling a little underwhelmed by my night. By saying no to all of the invites to parties I was choosing to stop my old habit.  I didn’t watch TV or check my phone. I turned everything off and lit candles and just listened to my heart.

Now 8 years later I’ve seen many moments I wrote in my journal dedicated for my NYE intentions happen magically in front of me. I now have the opportunity to share all of the beautiful gifts and findings to my coaching clients. The journey that started in 2007 is why I am starting Soul School in 2015, advanced education on living a life with purpose and passion.

I LOVE living my truth and opening myself to new and expansive experiences. This year is dedicated to serving as many people as I can on the journey within. By clearing my December in preparation for my soul mission, I offer myself more room to receive special messages I’m meant to share with others. I feel lighter and free from the junk that gets clogged in my psyche. I look at it this way, I take in info and my brain has to process it. The more noise I put into my brain the less likely I am to hear my truth. So, I dedicated the whole month of December as a cleanse from information.

This NYE I will be doing readings for 4 clients and myself. I will hold space for them to create their intentions for 2015 and do readings for each area to give extra guidance and support. On NYE I will sit in meditation and do alignment work for each person and hold their intention. I am so stoked to offer this, and hope to have an even larger group next year!

What about you? Are you ready for 2015? What are you ready to release to live your truth?




Interested in creating a magical 2015? Lets chat. I am offering 15 DisoverME Breakthrough Sessions until the 31st of December. This is a free 15 minute call to see what magic we can make in 2015. e-mail me at authenticallybe@gmail.com



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