I was talking with my Boyfriend about Valentines Day and realized I just wanted to treat myself. We laughed about the holiday, shrugged our shoulders, and moved on.

The fun thing is I totally started looking for things I wanted to get for myself. I didn’t want him to show me the love, I wanted to show myself. Basically, he will buy oysters and I will buy cupcakes, done.

On Valentines Day I will spend my day behind the chair, helping people look and feel beautiful. I plan on having some flowers to share, and serve chocolate and wine.

I love spreading joy! I make sure I’m full and flow the rest out to the world around me.

I want to share the love with you too. Here is a meditation I made just for you! It’s infused with Reiki and you will feel so connected and balanced after.  Find it HERE


Just know I LOVE you.



Posted by:Authentically Be

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