I think everyone wonders at some point in their life, why am I here? It comes from this sense of finding a mission and serving the world. The thing is, we are looking for the wrong thing first. We look for the mission to lead us to our life’s purpose. This is a hard path to go down, because you do it alone. When you find your purpose first the mission shows up and this is a little thing we call co-creation (law of attraction)

Lets try it this way, Practice Makes Purpose. If you create a mission to uncover your hidden gifts, wisdom and authentic voice you will be led to the mission that will serve the world in ways you have never imagined. Our purpose in life is to uncover our unique voice, our inner wisdom, our truth. This comes through a daily commitment to your practice of self-care and self-love. When we combine meditation, healing and the art of receiving, we open ourselves to the beauty within. This journey is the most important journey we will ever embark on. This is where we take ourselves out of suffering and become a reservoir of love and energy to those around us, inviting them to do the same. So what can you do today?


  1. List the top 10 things that make your heart sing
  2. Journal. Not just any journal, start recording little things that you were willing to receive. little signs and synchronicity
  3. Say NO. Yup, you heard me. Say no to someone who is asking more from you than you are comfortable giving.
  4. Say YES to you. Now that you said yes to your desires by making room, its time to hit your list and do something for you. A bath, a book, yoga, hike, or tea time?

I can’t wait to see what happens when you set the intention of finding purpose today.





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