We are put on this earth to have a good

In the Pacific Northwest, sunny days are savored like a decadent dessert. So, of course, my partner and I decided to hit wine country and enjoy this sunny day in style.

While we drive, I like to check in with my love and see how he is doing. I truly adore the long drives because I have him away from his phone and computer and we can really explore. As he shared a few things with me, I noticed myself getting angry and agitated. His feelings and vulnerability were causing me to judge myself and make the conversation about me. I stopped, took a deep breath into my heart and sent all my love to him. I had been connecting to my own agenda instead of being a loving partner. I asked him to tell me a little more about a situation around which he felt defeated. As he shared, I realized that he was chasing something. He’d applied for an internship for which he was over-qualified, and received no response. I asked him to explain why that work environment sounded attractive and he described the type of people he expected be around and the feelings he would ultimately have being there.

We create goals which for which the end result is a feeling. Once in that setting, we may find ourselves disappointed, and ultimately exactly where we were before the goal was achieved. So I asked him to describe how he wants to feel based on his vision of what his dream job could provide. He thought about it and replied “inspired, tenacious and irrepressible.” WOW, how cool, those are some powerful feelings. We repeated together, changing the phrase to I FEEL Inspired, I feel tenacious, I feel irrepressible. I felt light, he felt light, and I was inspired.

So why wasn’t I taking my own advice? I want to feel inspired, free, curious and sparkly. What am I chasing to achieve these feelings? The next day I decided to do a little experiment. First thing I did when I opened my eyes was say to myself, “I feel inspired.” I immediately sat up and went on to say. “I feel motivated.” Then I tapped (EFT) and repeated the two, “I feel Inspired, I feel motivated.” I hit all the sequences in EFT and as I breathed in, letting them settle in, I felt the inspiration to jog. I want to feel free so I jogged around the reservoir near my home. As I bounced along I felt sparkly saying hello to the trees, bird and butterflies. I saw curious squirrels stopping to check things out and I felt that radiating out of my heart. I was taking my advice and I felt FREE!

What feelings are you chasing? What do you want to do about it? Try starting with how you want to feel and let the feeling wash over you until you are vibrating with that. Then go about your day and see what happens. At the end of the night write examples of things that showed up matching that feeling.

Morning: I feel valued, I feel Inspired

Evening: Today I felt Inspired to give my client a new color and cut option and she was totally in!

Today I felt valued because my co-worker told me she views me as a mentor and my work inspired her.

Feel the feeling and capture the things that vibrate with that feeling.

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