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I used to think I had to make everyone feel better. When you live in heart-centered action, you will intuitively sense pain and empathize with the sufferer. This powerful gift can be a magnet of misery.

Imagine being on a beautiful nature walk and you come upon a playground and see someone sitting on a merry-go-round. They look sad and lost, so you walk over. The person explains being bummed-out because nobody wants to push them anymore. They are bored, alone and sad. Because you see more than the immediate problem, you point out all of the fun and magical play equipment at their disposal. The un-resourceful player jumps up and runs to the swing, and you leave feeling good. You helped someone.

As you finish your stroll and start to head home, you notice the same person on the swing hunched over, crying. You immediately run over to see how you can help. They look up at you as if all hope is lost. With a curious heart, you ask them what on earth is wrong now? They sadly respond, “nobody will push me.”

When you see more than what’s presented, you feel the support of Universal life force. This is a gift, and when you spend so much time helping others see the next step, you create a shelf for them. You begin to carry their needs on that shelf and use energy to solve the problem you’ve placed there. This shelf is in your sacred room, where you are meant to receive as much as you give. Imagine all of the shelves in your house where you store other people’s clutter; does it feel overwhelming? Clear off those shelves and box up the stuff and return it, with love, obviously.

Too often we become overwhelmed, depleted, anxious when we use our gifts to help others. In some case, we can physically carry extra weight from the energy of other people’s “stuff.” Acting as merely an observer, that another’s suffering is OK, we can witness trouble and understand pain. We don’t need to fix it, worry about it or add it to our sacred space to heal it.

Remove unwanted contents of your shelves and leave a few empty to accumulate gifts of love. These ledges are now available for you to place gifts and reminders of your kindness to others.




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