I often find myself activated by someone else, people I care for and sometimes people I don’t even know.

We are constantly emerging and growing from information that shows up from outside sources. We are all directors of our experience and everyone else is there as supporting actors. Our truth, our lens, is only one view. But, it’s ours and its true…….to us. When we take a PEACE out and step inside of the power, love, beauty that is always flowing in the core of us, we accept that nothing is happening to us but around us. Stop. Breath. Notice. All it takes is 3 deep breathes and the willingness to release yourself from whats going on. When we become still and centered we have the opportunity to see the inside experience to an outside event a wonderful release of beliefs, agendas…….OLD stuff that is no longer needed. Those activated feelings we try to fight for or make others understand push us away from the natural flow of love. So stop paddling up stream and let go……..notice……..PEACE out.

Posted by:Authentically Be

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