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I decided to get a little more sassy today! I’ve been talking to a lot of people about personal style and sense of self. This morning during active meditation I was reminded how excited I am to be me and how sometimes I forget what I’m all about.

I would love to hear what fun things you do? Bop over to FB and show me what you got!

I took 10 minutes turned up the music and let all kinds of fun things flow. I was so happy and excited to be me. EEEEP! here was what came out……….

Singing your song, finding your voice, stepping into your power, tuning into your truth, inspired action, magical moments, crystal clear intuition, giddy moments, dance party of 1, uncontrollable urges to skip, hugging everyone, eating cupcakes for lunch, buying fabulous dresses, making out on a bridge in Paris, eating Pizza on a NYC rooftop, Dancing at soul club in London, Seeing a Punk show in Barcelona, walking past Jarvis Cocker on Portobello Road, Adam Sandler saying something silly in my ear, flying first class, singing on stage of a sold out show at the Whiskey in LA, hugging Amma, seeing live jazz in Paris, seeing an Alexander Calder exhibit at the Whitney, seeing a play on broadway alone, taking a class at Vidal Sassoon London, butterflies chasing my car, sipping wine in Napa, living in San Francisco, finding a Blossom Dearie record, cutting hair on stage, taking an improv class at Second City, loft parties in LA, canoe rides on a lake, Margaritas and laughs, Dj-ing parties, doing energy work, working with Gabrielle Bernstein, dinner parties with friends, snuggling, singing jazz, sleeping in, meditation and music……….always. Life is my song and I sing from my soul


Try it, find a song turn up the volume and remind yourself how SASSY you are.




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