A question people often ask me is “How do I tap into my creativity?”

What I often tell people is by freeing myself from daily stressors I make room for creative downloads to come in. One simple step to become more connected to your creative flow is actually finding your daily flow. If you find yourself waking up and jumping out of bed to get ready for work, feed the kids, read emails blah blah blah. You immediately activate your brain and speed things up.

I know what you are thinking…………..I don’t have time for anything else, my schedule is too busy, I’m not creative anyway. I get it. Your brain is telling you right now to rationalize everything so you stay EXACTLY where you are.

So what’s one step you can do to start calming the brain and create small spaces for creative downloads? Ok, thats what i’m talking about, lets go.

For the next 4 days, I want you to wake up 5 min earlier. Before you get out of bed think of one feeling you want more of during your day. Close your eyes and feel that emotion let it become part of your vibration. Next stand up and take 3 DEEP breaths into your belly and release any stale energy. Yup, thats it, Try it for 30 days and sees what happens.

Do you have someone who would benefit from this tool? Send it their way, share it on Facebook, be the giver of super rad energy and information. Mwah!



Posted by:Authentically Be

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