I want to share a few thing with you. First, I LOVE YOU! You are amazing and inspiring and I’m so grateful to have your heart and spirit for a moment of your day through my blog. Second, I am so pumped about all the un-folding happening right now. Things are really flowing and all my clients are seeing incredible shifts in their lives. This is why I LOVE doing this work!

I’ve been working on a few things before I head to NYC in September for Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass. During this event I will be surrounded by coaches and healers, all doing this fabulous work. I can already tell this group really kicks butt and I know there is going to be some amazing partnerships.

Starting September 18th, I will be doing a 4 week course, Becoming Miracle Minded. Check it out here: https://authenticallybe.com/authenticallysee/

I’m really excited about introducing this workshop and the private FB group is really fun. There will be daily support there while doing the home playYes, no homework, just play!

I will also be offering Spirit Messages via email, you will receive special guidance and support in any area of your life. Email me @authenticallybe@gmail.com for next steps. I will be offering these to my blog followers, and your friends of course! Just use authenticallysee in your subject line and you will access your individual session for $44 (normally $60)

Can’t wait to connect and explore with you!






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