Shake your butt!

Yes, turn on your jams and move that booty.

If  life isn’t “moving” fast enough…………… you are thinking waaaaaay too much about what isn’t here.

Did you know worry is a prayer for chaos? When you pay attention to what’s not perfect, or taking too long to get here, you tell the universe to pause………….HOLD UP Universe! Stop all my dreams from coming my way while I get clear enough to let go and be in the flow.

Happiness is an emotion we attach to words and outside experiences. If happiness is something we always have access to through feelings? Why not get happy first?

Getting out of our head and out of our way, lets the universe effortlessly carry us to our desire. The world is in flow, moving, shifting and expanding based on our desires. If we keep stopping that flow, we say yes to what we don’t want, and NO to what we do want. Say yes to your future wealth and abundance by saying yes (gratitude and appreciation) to what you already co-created.

The easiest way to do that is putting on some music and have a-bun-DANCE! Sing, jump, mosh, pogo, tango…….whatever. Just have fun!

You know what you want, allow it.




Posted by:Authentically Be

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