“Don’t change your material, change your audience” ~ Lisa Sasevich


Have you ever been in a situation where you are speaking from your heart, in the flow of what it is to be you? This is such a wonderful feeling! There is nothing better than a high-five from others when you are in the flow.

Have you ever been met with an audience full of crickets………………………..? Yeah, no fun.

I have found that speaking my truth is not always met with applause, or a two thumbs up even. This is OK, it has nothing to do with me.

We are here to be connected to our truth, sing our song, and dance to the beat of  a different drum. We all have our own message that inspires us and keeps us moving towards our deepest desires. That is our role in this world, it helps everything and everyone when we are in alignment with our truth. We can say the same thing to different people and get entirely different reactions every time. The key word is REACTION, people who meet you with a negative or underwhelmed response are smack dab in the middle of their reactions. This is perfect, we all have choice and preference, we can decide what we want to surround ourself with. We get to move on move forward until we’ve created an audience that gives us a standing ovation. We are meant to be full of love and joy, giving and spreading it liberally.

The more we high-five, the more we thrive.





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