Life has a funny way of sending you all the wrong messages. With smart phones, internet, and all of those lovely push notifications distracting us at any given moment. We are tuning into a frequency managed by everyone but ourselves.

Processing this information is constant, and confusing, to be honest. Our lifestyle has hooked us up to a frequency that keeps us from looking inward. How crazy is that? We are so connected to everything and everyone but ourselves!

I challenge you to disconnect from the frequency that serves as a distraction from your deepest desires. It’s time to launch the arrow of desire, creating momentum in the area you are wanting to bring more joy and fulfillment.

When we take the time to become still and connected to our own frequency big things happen. We are capable of so much more than we can possibly imagine….. we just need to tune into the frequency that serves us, our spirit, and our destiny.



Every time you feel the need to distract yourself with internet, social media, or any other time suck, pause……….take a moment to check in. Why are you distracting yourself? What else can you do with that time? make a list of 3 things that you will do instead. Give it a try?  I plan on daydreaming, asking the person next to me how they are doing, or going for a stroll. let me know how it goes? Remember, there is a way to consciously connect……….I look forward to consciously connecting with you on FB!




Posted by:Authentically Be

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