Yes, the Wham! song.

I was thinking about the word should, of course that song popped into my head. How many times a day do we should ourselves? We experience  careless whispers all day, our guilty feet without rhythm. We feel like we will never dance again…….the way we danced with you.

These careless whispers are the shoulda, woulda’s and the guilt we carry over things we have experienced in the past. What if somebody told you over and over again that you should’ve done something different? Wouldn’t that break your spirit down, or make you want to punch a wall?……..STOP!

Turn off the should show and tune in to your truth. Aligned and clear, we CHOOSE to do things that serve us , we look at situations with clarity and compassion.  We don’t know everything, we need opportunities to gain clarity and understanding of our deeper desires. When something goes “wrong” we have a unique opportunity to gather all sorts of information about what we will choose to do in the future.



The song can be something like this:

I will never cheat a friend, I choose not to hold guilt in my heart. I choose to forgive myself. I choose to dance again, the exact way I danced with you. When an old pattern shows up, I will  make a different choice, a more aligned choice.

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