I often overhear people complaining about meditation. Like meditation is this special thing only for yogi’s or deeply spiritual people, say what?

I sat today and meditated for 15 minutes. The first few minutes I went through all of my tools and pulled colors in all the directions I needed to. Then it began…………my thoughts.  I used to meditate an hour a day, it would fly by. I would skip out of my room ready to kill it out there. Why, now, is it so hard to sit for 10-15 minutes with myself?

Getting back to that practice has been hard, mostly because of fear. I have been afraid to shift. I used to sit and think of my ideal life, my ideal partner, and my ideal work environment. All of those things have showed up, and I’m currently living with the gifts I’ve received by sitting quietly and visualizing.

I guess it seemed selfish to keep visualizing an even more ideal life. Maybe I would lose all these wonderful things I have called into my experience? These are all concerns, I let go of in 15 minutes of listening and noticing. 15 MINUTES!!!!!! Holy hell, I was seriously holding on to those subtle beliefs for the past few years. I decided to set my alarm for 30 more minutes. I went through more visualization techniques and sat with myself and explored my desires. I missed hanging with me……..just like any relationship, I let myself get too busy doing whatever, and stopped setting time aside for meditation. These are ME dates, time to hang out and see whats going on with Marci.

Think of it this way, If you want your life to be different, or you want to find true love etc,etc. Make sure you sit with yourself. If you can’t stand being alone with you for 10 minutes, maybe it’s time to start listening, without judgement? Be the observer, make friends with you. let go of what meditation has to be……..its just a ME date.



Posted by:Authentically Be

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